Five Reasons Why You’re Awesome

We’ve seen the top ways to become better managers, leaders or even to pretend we’re someone that we are not, but this list is different.  Here is a list of reasons why you’re absolutely awesome. We’ve done the research and the results are conclusive according to several sources.

New research has uncovered evidence that you really are awesome. The findings reveal many believed this at the outset.  However, some may have doubted your awesomeness. Studies now suggest that much of what you thought you could accomplish was unavailable to you because you did not know that you were awesome. Although evidence shows there are many reasons why you are awesome, for the sake of brevity, we will examine the top five reason.

You Are Alive

Perhaps the single most compelling reason you are awesome, is because you live. Without a doubt this is a feat that your body accomplishes daily without causing you undue stress to maintain. Your body systematically and simultaneously runs eight systems within the body every day. The skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, respiratory, immune/lymphatic and endocrine system all function with little to no conscious effort on your part. Some have gone as far as to include skin as a system of the body, which would mean your body actually supports nine systems. That alone is amazing—which makes you, scientifically amazing. Biologically speaking, the act of being alive is a great accomplishment when one considers the sheer number of carcinogens and pathogens encountered in a lifetime.  It’s a miracle that you made it from a tiny embryo to a functioning adult.

You Can Think

Regardless of where you are in life, you will always have the right to think your own thoughts. And that means you still have the right to choose. You can think positive thoughts or negative ones—and no one can stop you. Sure, someone can gag you, or even restrict your physical movement, but while you are conscious—and even unconscious, you can still maintain your own thoughts. Now that is powerful. Perhaps you never thought of your ability to think as a power—but it definitely is a strength. You can decide how you will feel, respond to others and enjoy (or not enjoy) life. Thinking your own thoughts means, no matter where you are or what is going on, you can choose to think about something that makes you happy. It also means that if you ever encounter a dilemma of any sort, if you think hard and long enough about it, you can probably solve it. That makes you pretty awesome!

You Can Do Good

Lot’s of times we push ourselves to the limit to accomplish goals, earn money, or acquire nice things. But there’s one thing that makes you absolutely awesome every day. You can do good. There’s never a wrong time to do something good, be fair, pay a compliment, smile, or give a word of encouragement. Doing good is something that makes you far more valuable than the size of your bank account or the many goals you have accomplished. You can change someone’s life just by being kind or offering them an opportunity. Your ability to do good directly influences the volume of good in our world, making it possible for you to be absolutely awesome every single day. Doing good helps people feel loved and accepted, gives people opportunities that they otherwise might not have had and provides encouragement that just might help someone realize a dream. Doing good is your unique contribution to the world, and you have the capacity to extend it to as many people as possible in a day. Don’t just do good to the people at your job, or at home, or your significant other, but do good to everybody. When you practise doing good it makes you even more awesome than before. Sometimes doing good is hard and sometimes doing good is easy. But when you consistently practice doing good, you actually become better at it and you will begin to feel better about yourself too! You don’t need a lot to be good, just the will to make someone else’s life better, sweeter or kinder.

You’re Beautiful

No really, you are beautiful. Everyone has something absolutely amazing about them. Many times, during childhood, through culture/media, or from the words of unkind others, you may have been told that you were not beautiful. But that would be absolutely untrue! Beauty is yours to define and to feel proud about. No one can truly tell you that you are not beautiful. Because after all, with so many different kinds of people—there is nothing written in the stars about what is beautiful and what is not. It’s okay to have a preference for one look or another, but no one can really define beauty—or if they could, they would be all-knowing, all-seeing and their words would have to be law to everyone on the planet. So yes, you are beautiful. You can never compare your beauty with another, because they are not you—and they were not born to look like you. They, like you, were born to look like what they look like.

There’s Nobody Like You

Scientists have already discovered that our DNA and our fingerprints are one-of-a-kind, but so are you. You’re an individual—and that’s not something to take lightly. You possess your own consciousness and experience the world from your own vantage point every day. No one can do that for you—and that makes you awesome. That means, there will never be another person like you now, or ever again. Your experiences, your hopes, dreams, fears, and love all matter a great deal. No one will be able to recreate all of the experiences you’ve had, or truly understand what it is like to be you. That is a precious gift. It means that the life you live, is as unique and timeless as a supernova blazing across the galaxy. Your contribution to the earth will never come again. You are a poem that can never be unwritten, a song that cannot be replayed, a love that cannot be unloved . . . and this, is why you are awesome.

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