Part 2: Pieces of an Unfinished Diary

While I was in Accra, I attempted to write my thoughts in a diary.  Collecting pieces and impressions just moments or hours after the interaction helped me to capture them in more vivid terms than even a recollection from today.  So, I’ve pieced together little pieces of my Diary–those events I can share!

Fishing Town

“Ghana is like a waking dream.  The wind is soft and gentle, like you would expect the spirit of God to feel like.  The air is warm and dewy, like a soft kiss.”
–Lela Winston, Ghana Journal 2016 (Day 3).

Sand Sculptors

“This country is so acceptable to me as to satisfy my lifelong yearning for what I never knew I needed . . . To be indoors seems a crime in a country like this.  It was meant to be enjoyed outdoors.”
–Lela Winston, Ghana Journal 2016 (Day 3).


“I left things incomplete . . . but somehow those things are all complete in me.  Without knowing their end, I am content.  Content with all that is imperfect and unfinished, uncertain and waiting.  This is to live.  To take one moment at a time, claiming your moment to breath, given generously by the Creator.”
–Lela Winston, Ghana Journal 2016 (Day 1)

Soccer 2

OK, finally I am in Accra.  It feels tasty, like a dish you want to eat.  There is a light sweet burnt sent in the air, like burning plantain or the last flavor of a yam in your mouth.  The people are all familiar.  Its not just hot, its also moist.”
–Lela Winston, Ghana Journal 2016 (Day 1).

Labadi Beach

“I’m trying to figure out if it feels as though I have left a piece of myself in Ghana or Ghana has left a piece of itself in me.”
–Lela Winston, Ghana Journal 2016 (Coming Home).

“Every fiber of my being felt Africa.  From the red earth up unto the sky.  I’ve seen Africa, what a wonderful thing!”



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