The Best Marketing on the Planet

Perhaps the most overlooked form of marketing in the world is grassroots marketing.  These days we are mesmerized by social media and hypnotized by all that the digital word can afford.  And there is not too much wrong with that.  I myself am a proud digitalista.  So I get it.  However, grassroots marketing is probably one of your most effective business tools.  It’s most effective, because it relies on the massive power of word of mouth which remains the top form of marketing.

A lot of small businesses may be afraid to get out into the community to “hawk wares,” but that’s exactly the best way to get your marketing off of the ground.  You’ve got to get your product or service in a lot of hands and get people talking about it too.  That means getting out there and talking about what you do and why you love it.  It means having the courage to hire a couple neighborhood kids to distribute fliers and make appearances at local events and churches.

Never get too big to go local.  Remember, you want people talking.  I firmly believe all publicity is good publicity (except where murder and crime is involved).  Because I’ve found that naysayers (aka haters) help to solidify your fans, create buzz and curiosity about you, your product or your service.  And from that, you are bound to get sales.  So don’t fear to engage on the grassroots level.  Go out and engage your local community, make a call, partner with a local small business or attend a city meeting.  You won’t regret it.