Secret Sauce:  Nonprofit Marketing Reconsidered

When the ALS Ice Bucket challenge went viral, every non-profit was clamoring to find out how they managed to create such a viral campaign. It seems these days every nonprofit wants to run a viral campaign that draws attention to their cause. There’s definitely merit in having a viral campaign. ALS was able to raise $115 Million dollars from the Ice Bucket challenge and separate itself from other nonprofits in its commercial success.

While everyone is looking for the secret sauce that brings in millions of dollars and generates tons of interest, most people don’t realize the ALS Ice Bucket challenge was actually envisioned by an armature chapter member. People also fail to realize that even after the challenge, many people still do not know what ALS actually is.

The secret sauce which most marketing professionals will not tell you about when it comes to a successful campaign, is not a gimmick or a fad. Real brand loyalty comes from consistency over time. The most successful brands understand this. If you wish to be a successful brand, your consistency in message is critical. Additionally, the most sustainable nonprofit campaigns will come from a strong fully-engaged donor base that understands your mission and its impact.

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