Try This to Find Your Writer’s Voice

Lot’s of beginning writers and content producers often struggle to find the voice that is right for them. Developing a voice in writing can mean the difference between choppy incomprehensible prose and content that transcends. Writers find that voice in many different ways, often through trial and error.

One way that will help you “find your voice,” is through poetry. Even if you aren’t very good at it, still write a poem or a haiku from time to time. Make it a dedication to someone or something (even if you do not share it) so that you can understand yourself through more florid language. Nothing brings out the “corny” faster than someone trying to write a love poem to their beloved. Amateur romantic poetry is great, because it is a clear indication of the writers’ level of facility with figurative language. It can also be hilarious source of entertainment!

Figurative language is important to help your reader gain a clearer picture of your topic. Even if you are a technical writer, and you never delve into fiction—figurative and poetic writing exercises the minds ability to put visualizations in the most descriptive form possible with the least amount of words. Poetry also helps you to learn new words for complex feelings and ideas.

Reading poetry is also a helpful exercise in figurative writing. Good writers read, so its important to sharpen your skill. Don’t make the mistake of only reading Western/European classics but find international writers from around the world. You can find a myriad of writing techniques and ideas about form, shape, beauty and speech by delving into written works from various cultures.  Let your voice ring!