King Media: Technology Crowns Storytellers

It’s a fact today that in the US American Journalism is dying.  Often on its last leg it struggles for relevance in a 140 character world of minute by minute, play by play social media.  Without a doubt, the developed world is solidly ensconced in the information age.

The stories that journalistic outlets have told in the western world have for the large part circulated around what editors, publishers and advertisers deemed worthy for publication.  This is also true for magazine publishers and TV news rooms.  The fight for many in black and brown communities has always been to gain some form of representation in what seemed like a cornered market.

With the advent of new technologies like social media and the growth of the internet, new avenues have emerged where others might tell and share their stories.  For generation, a school teacher in Detroit was ignorant of what was happening in a city in Benin in West Africa.  And it was impossible for a dentist to know what was happening in a small town in China.

Technology has changed the editorial caliber of the information that we now ingest.  This change is allowing for individuals to understand their world better and to truly be informed.  No longer are newsroom editors, publishers and advertisers the purveyors of information.  Stories are being told, shared and understood in ways we could never have imagined.

For the true journalist at heart, this brings pure elation.  The profession of journalism is to be forever fascinated and dedicated to telling true stories and informing the populace.  Now it is the journalist and not the editors who are becoming King Media.

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