Digital Ads Are Your Friend

Recently in 2016, I participated in a very interesting Twitter Chat hosted by the Elumelu Foundation.  I always find discussions on #AfriCapitalism and commerce on the continent fascinating.  As business woman and a journalist, I tend to see the continent from a vantage point that sees opportunity.

I am more than a fan of Nigerian Businessman, Tony Elumelu and dedication to empowering African Entrepreneurs.  I tend to agree that domestic business and industry is absolutely necessary for African nations to create lasting prosperity.

Listening to speeches given by Tony Elumelu is one way I find great business inspiration.  In my opinion, Elumelu is probably one of the most quotable business men in recent history.   So I created a digital meme, quoting Elumelu.  I was thrilled to have it “Iiked” by Mr. Elumelu from his account on Twitter.  I find that digital memes and ads quoting great thinkers is method of engagement.

Screen Shot from Twitter
Screen Shot from Twitter

I think business must understand the value of creating shareable memes and digital ads that convey their ideas and mission to potential consumers.  Many small businesses do not recognize the benefit of creating a shareable meme or digital ad.  Sometimes, photos of your products are not enough to inspire a purchase.  Some buying decisions must be encouraged.  Find ways to engage your online clients on your website, social media accounts and even print media with meaningful images and messages.

If you are interested in finding print, digital and video memes and ads for your business or endeavor, please check out my business solutions page or request a quote that fits your budget and I can help you choose!  Just fill out a query in the contact form below.


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