Marry Christmas With Your Biz!

Marry Christmas!

I hope you’re having a great holiday!  The season to spend time with friends and family eating high caloric food, rehashing old family history and exchanging poorly wrapped gifts is upon us!  You’ve probably spent more money than you could actually afford and actually battled your way through isle of ransacked shelves to do it.  Congratulations!

But don’t forget this is the perfect time of year to switch jobs, or upgrade your career.  If you’re a small business owner, this is also a great time to create a game plan for the upcoming year!  Stop making resolutions and start making plans.  Put away the turkey and dressing for a moment, and grab a pen and a pad.  Let’s map your next move.

Let’s Marry Christmas to your small biz, entrepreneurial endeavor, or your next career move.  If you’re a small business, you want to start thinking of how you can create new revenue streams and reach more customers.  If you’re a professional, this is the best time to reach for a new rung on the career ladder.

Marry Christmas to progress and planning.  Your small business and your career will thank you!  Here’s how you can get the ball rolling… and by the way, Merry Christmas!

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