King Content: 3 Tips to Improve Business Content

Small businesses often struggle with content.  In fact, small newspapers and magazines often struggle with content.  Many struggle, because they are not aware of the resources that are out there to help them succeed.  Sometimes, you cannot do everything, and content is one of those areas I gladly advice small businesses, entrepreneurs, magazines and others to GET HELP!

Since content is important, especially for your business and keeping readers, clients and buyers engaged, don’t give up on it.  Here are three things you need to do improve your business content.

Get a Clue
Yes, figure out what you want to say and why you want to say it.  You NEED to know why you are producing content and to what end, before you do anything else.  A great exercise might be answering this prompt:  “I want to write content that gets readers to . . . ”  Only you can fill in the blank.

Plan the Process
Making a content plan or calendar can really be a great way to determine not only what you want to say and why–but when to say it.  Creating a calendar gives you an opportunity to look at your year objectively and think strategically about your content.  I highly recommend getting the help of a professional.  I help business map on their plans and see content/business opportunities where at the outset, they’d only seen blog posts.

Seek a Professional
You have the ability to produce good content and even great content.  But perhaps the best content of all is consistent content.  Your consistency matters.  Not everyone is a wordsmith, and that is OKAY!  You can find a freelance writer to help you create content.  As a content creator, I help businesses develop a voice, write to engage their customers and clients and create value.  A freelance writer or consultant can help you by writing higher quality articles, larger volumes and employing techniques that actually connect with your readers.

If you’d like to create a real content strategy or consistent content for your blog or newsletter, please reach out for more information.

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