Six Tips for Personal Public Relations– Part 2

So we pick up the conversation again where we left off last week.  Public relations is a concept that can benefit individuals as much as it can benefit a company or organization.  This is the continuation of six tips that can help you see more success and less drama.  In this article, we will discuss the dreaded scandal as well as the dicey subject of personal love relationships!  Remember, you have the power to determine the narrative if know how.  So let’s get started!

Tip #4:  Complain

Yes, we all do it.  But be careful how and where you do it.  Also, about what!  Many people  complain themselves out of opportunities, friendships, relationships, marriages and trust by always having something negative to say.  Don’t.  Sometimes you just have to resist the urge to gab to another co-worker, parishioner or club member about an annoyance.   Instead, make suggestions about improvement and discuss ways to make the club, place of worship or company better.  Get seen as a solution provider, not a fault finder.

Tip #5:  Keep Your Boo with You!

Don’t talk about personal love relationships in detail at work, school, clubs or places of work.  This is the biggest mistake I see people make in public and private life.  For some reason this phenomena often seems to assail women best.  Keep your spouse or significant other off of social media.  There is no need for the world to know what your sweetie bought for you on Valentines Day (do you need more attention?  If so, join a pageant).  If your babe is causing you grief, you shouldn’t vent to people in any of these settings–quite frankly it’s inappropriate.  Unless your life is a reality show, the rule of thumb is to keep home at home.  As time has gone by and offices have gotten more causal, it seems the topic of conversation has too.  There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable at work or church, just remember these are public groups/networks. Shared ideas spread in open networks.  Even if you think your wife is the hottest babe in town, you may not want to share too much information in your network (school, social media, work, church); because the chances are there is someone else who thinks she’s a pretty hot too!  More relationships are dashed by jealous and wanton onlookers who know too much.  Keep your relationships the way they should be–just between the two of you!

Tip #6:  The Scandal!

We all make mistakes and have lapses in judgement.  It’s a part of human life.  Most scandals get their life and size when the offending party refuses to own up to the error and instead seeks to cover it with more and more hubris and lies.  No.  Don’t do this.  The best way to head off a faux pas is to head it strait on.  Own up, take responsibility, atone and MOVE ON.  In many PR cases where a scandal has broken, people fail to do the “atoning” part.  This is critical to help put the scandal or error succinctly in the past.  The major reason for an atoning act, contribution or gesture is to have proof later on that not only did you understand your error, but you have paid your debt.  Individuals should and can do the same thing.  Not only will you have solved a problem, you will come out looking more responsible and authentic than before.

Every individual should exercise some form of personal PR.  It’s essential for those who wish to be successful in business and life.  Try to keep your personal, private and your business, public.  It keeps everything clear.  If you’d like advice on how to handle an issue that you, your business, organization or place of worship are facing, please feel free to leave a message on the contact form below.

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