Media Gold: Exporting the National Narrative

Nations rarely think of media as a part of their national offering.
It is probably one of the more neglected exports developing nation
possess. Instead of focusing on telling its own narratives, it relies
on foreign media to do the job. Many times that media is not exported
because it is not translated into English or presented in a lingua
franca accessible to large populations of the world.

Media communications is important because it export not only its
ideas, but culture. People grow accustomed to things for which they
are often exposed. Many cultures allow their traditions; cultures and
way of life remain a mystery. This allows for others to look in from
the outside and interpret the culture according to their standards and

Undoubtedly, developing economies need communications, PR and media
support. Understanding the way that media influences your
opportunities in international business and other matters is
paramount. Whether it is a nation, local industries or businesses,
failure to export media and mass produce domestic media,
communications, branding and public relations will impact a nation’s
ability to control the narrative surrounding it.

One of America’s greatest exports is media and mass communications.
In the past, costly equipment and deep technical know-how was
necessary to export this content throughout the world. America
excelled because it supported its arts industries (Hollywood,
magazines, etc), controlled its national media (VOA – Voice of
America) and empowered its businesses to excel in communication arts
via marketing, advertisement, and public relations.

Birth of a Nation was the first movie ever to be produced by American
Cinema and it was created to drive home a singular idea about a
particular ethnic group while imbuing its protagonist with heroic
features. This methodology has been used from that point forward,
helping to inculcate the halo effect around American ideas, influence
and contributions. At the same time, Birth of a Nation helped to
underscore an important Raincloud Affect antithetical to the Halo
effect to burnish negative ideas about their largest ethnic group at
that time.

Media is important and it is essential to understand how it is
affecting behavior both commercial and social. These influences
directly affect the bottom line for many companies, individuals,
nations and groups who are unable to tell their own stories in media.
America has since exported numerous ideas about beauty, modernity,
fashion, business and finance throughout the world, not merely by
commercial prowess but media export.

With the advent of new technologies, we can now produce media quickly
and cost-effectively. Many developing nations, small businesses and
groups can easily produce content. Nollywood has become one of the
most influential forms of media communications on the African
continent. The industry is successful, because it mass produces media
and distribution is quick. Africans from varying nations watch this
media as intently as their own, because it is readily available and
ubiquitous. American cinema is also widely available, influencing
music, business, news, and everything in between.

To successfully export media, nations must see it as a real product.
In all of its forms, communications and media must be delivered in the
highest volume to reinforce ideas that effectively impact the national

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