Creating the Agenda: Trend vs. Trendsetter

Frequently, content producers, bloggers and others seek to catch onto trends.  Catching and riding trends can be helpful and lucrative in many ways.  As a content producer you will often want to catch trends in your given area of expertise to ensure your content gets found.

Advertisers, businesses and agencies want to stay relevant.  It is apart of how we tap into national and social trends that help us to speak more clearly to the populations we wish to influence.  However, many companies do not realize the power they wield to actually influence the conversation and sway the trend.

I would like to encourage you to think in terms of not only following trends but creating them.  Setting an agenda and then pursuing it and finding supporters to help you accomplish it.

One of the biggest mistakes I see international governments make, is the error of “following the trend” instead of creating it both domestically and internationally.  As a content creator you have the power to create a trend.  It is a practice the United States and its many Media groups practice daily.

International diplomacy, business and other endeavors can be heavily influenced by creating a trend and enlisting the support of other actors to help make that a lasting status.  Advertisers must not only seek to sell a product, but to sell the idea behind that product that keeps people coming back for more.  A good campaign requires wanting to make sure that it lasts beyond the initial campaign.

I encourage everyone to look for this kind of campaign.  It is the lasting campaign that is going to yield the highest results.  I love creating not only a one -time campaign but one that branches out to other avenues and creates a ripple effect that helps to solidify an idea in the mind of the public.

You must be deliberate in your work.  You must enlist more than just your campaign essentials, but partner with other agencies, businesses and more!  Create a team that you know can work together to accomplish goals.

I’d be happy to work with any business, content creator, blogger, magazine governmental agency to support your interests and show you how to create a campaign that not only follows trends, but creates them.

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