Mixed Signals: The Market and the Message

In recent times, it seems easier to witness first class marketing blunders.  Seasoned companies with well funded marketing firms behind them are making serious errors when it comes to marketing.  Small business owners, entrepreneurs, artists and others in the selling space need to take note.

Most often the big mistake most companies make is crossing up their message and their market.  It’s tough to market ice to Eskimos and even tougher to sell boats to people who live in the dessert, but messaging (and not product) is often to blame in the high speed world of digital marketing and advertisement.

You might have the right product and the right market, but you need to consider the message.  How are you marketing that product to your target market?  Does the message fit that demographic, lifestyle or region?   Many marketers assume they can use a message specific to one group on another.  That would be a huge mistake.  Even if marketing shampoo to moms;  if Group A is comprised of working moms and Group B is comprised of stay-at-home moms, how the message is crafted must be different.  A one size fits all approach does not always work, especially in niche markets.

Ask yourself specific questions about the market you are seeking to penetrate.  Ask how the ideas you intend to use in the message will affect that group.  Conduct a survey or focus group before you move into the production phase of the marketing project.  If you’re not careful, your customers will shoot the messenger! Also ask yourself how the message fits into the brand you have created for the product/company or service.  Be smart!

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