Inspire Fire: The Legacy of Good Business

If you’re in business, you know the road can be a challenge.  Many people  say they like the autonomy of working for themselves, but ignore the real grit it takes to keep the business engines running (both literally and figuratively) or to navigate difficult stages in the life of a business.  Business owners, entrepreneurs, artists and others who dare to blaze their trails know the realism behind chasing the dream.  They understand that the path to success and victory is not always strait or well-paved.

I’m absolutely thrilled whenever I can find businessmen and women who share their experiences in real and tangible ways.  I like stories that show the good and the bad, because realism is what really helps other to “keep going.”  It’s the boost entrepreneurs need understand their paths better.  I’d like to share the inspiring story of David Moody, CEO of C.D. Moody Construction.  His story will inspire you in many ways.

More than the story of a man who went to school and became a great employee, Moody distinguished himself by getting out of the rat race and building a legacy.   We see the story of a man who graduated from Morehouse College, had a family, faced challenges and found excellence in construction.  It was after many difficult challenges and setbacks that he started, C. D. Moody Construction in 1988.  His 29 years of success has allowed him not only to weather the storms of life, but to do so with the grace to serve others.  Perhaps one of the major areas that distinguishes Moody, is his dedication to giving back to causes that touch so many lives.

Moody exemplifies the ideal of “doing well by doing good.”  It is a term for which I firmly believe gives life, success, business and family so much meaning.  I hope you will enjoy the story of David Moody as presented by the Atlanta Business Chronicle.  Be inspired!

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