Outdistancing Algorithms

Increasingly, social media, like search is becoming a pay-to-play medium.  The changes have been consistent and ongoing over a period of years now.  When Facebook monetized itself and presented ads for business and the general public, we knew the game was changing.  But it goes even further than that, even beyond  Facebook and Twitter offering advertising options, we are seeing that many of the older, staple social media sites also changed their algorithms.

These changes are often oblique admissions from their public relations or research departments helping to give advertisers and users a kind of digital heads-up that things are changing.  Most notably, these algorithm changes influences who sees your posts and how people interact with your information.  When Google unveiled it’s new algorithm that intentionally sidelined websites without responsive designs, all hailed it as wave of the future.  We opined that now we may all access the web from our mobile device and that would be a good thing.  And while it does seem like a great idea, it completely obliterates the idea that your website views  matter.

While you can purchase any kind of digital ad package you like, it is best that if you seek to create a true digital demand for your products and services, as a small business or entrepreneur, you may need to strategize different ways to get organic views of your website.  That means forcing direct shares and direct searches.  Google is a great example of this in that it’s company name has become synonymous with “search.”  By the way, have you “googled” it?  So, it’s important to note, that as you brand for the new age of digital that as a small or medium enterprise you think beyond AdWords, and social media ad packages from sites with specious results who actually control views through algorithms.  You have to get around the algorithm.  So think about how you can create demand that translates into digital success for your website and your brand.


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