The Right Choice: Using Choice Support Bias to Woo Customers

Whether you’re a marketer, sales professional or a small business owner trying to increase sales, we all understand the power of a choice. The buyer’s decision to purchase is why we invest in branding, marketing, and superior product design. We are hoping to influence that buyer in such a positive way that they buy. Studies have proven that it is easier to keep a customer than find a new one. So our goal should also be retention. It will take more effort to influence someone who has never purchased from you than one who has in the past. This is where Choice Supportive Bias comes into play.

Cognitive Science can be an important factor in your marketing, sales and branding activities. understanding how people make decision can better help you to sell them the right product and keep them as repeat customers. So let’s look at Choice Supportive Bias, the concept that individuals reinforce their choices by ascribing more positive attributes to their selection while downplaying those of the one they did not choose. A great example of this would be the iPhone vs. Android fanboys who swear by heaven and earth that their selection is the best.

If we understand that humans play up the decisions that they make verses the decision that they did not make, we as marketers, sales professionals or business owners should support their Choice Supportive Bias by rewarding them with perks and good customer service. You have the capacity to reward Choice Supportive Bias by helping to reinforce the idea that purchasing goods or services from you is not just a good idea, but that it comes with benefits. Make the customer feel like they made a great decision to work with you or buy your product.

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