Getting Grants that Matter

Lot’s of small businesses and fledgling nonprofit organizations overlook the possibility that public and private grants can afford.   Many do not know that grants can be acquired by for-profit businesses and even non-affiliated groups.  Often I’ve seen that smaller nonprofits, social justice enterprises and groups grapple with writing grants alone.  Many do not even a professional grant writer to do the research to even find those grants.  But it’s worth the effort.

It may be that you lack the capital to pay a grant writer.  But, don’t be disheartened.  There are other ways you can pay for a good grant writer.  Try supplying a service to them, offering them a benefit or creating some other form of payment.  Not all payment needs to be in dollars and cents.  Either way, you need a grant writer and a grant researcher.

While we easily understand the need for a grant writer, many do not understand the need for a grant researcher.  A grant researcher like me can find grants that fit your program, business or interest area.  It is worth the search!  Even if you are unable to hire the grant writer and you want to make a go at writing the grant or the RFP yourself, knowing your options are key!  How can you apply for a grant if you don’t know it exists?  Even if you could win it.

Connect with me today to help you connect to opportunities.   It is worth the investment; because every year large granting bodies, government agencies and nonprofit organizations release millions of dollars for public and private benefit.  Many of these coffers go untouched because business, nonprofits and other endeavors simply don’t know that they are there.

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