Telling Your Story: Connecting

Have you ever visited a website curious about their services and searched high and low to find out more about, “The About?” It’s a very common scenario I see a lot!  Many businesses are so happy to finally get a website up, that they do not take the time to create a story that tells people why they started and more importantly, why they should buy.

Yes, a business isn’t a person–sort of, but it does need to be humanized.  In fact, telling the story of your business or even telling your own story in an executive bio is absolutely key in helping buyers know whether they want to plug into your services.  If you are an attorney, small accounting firm or even a hair salon, do we know the story of you or your business when we log onto your website?  Or do we get a list of services and a few testimonials.

The fact is, you and your company NEED an executive bio or a well-crafted story that tells the genesis of your business, its goals and outlook.  We also need to see you or your work on social media.  It won’t be sufficient to just tweet and post about your services or product offering.  Do you have at least 2 or 3 good memes with quotes or salient contact information?  How about at least an infographic?  People need visuals to help draw their attention, and they need a compelling story about your company or your services.

Remember, telling stories is at the core of who we are as humans.  When you connect to that, you have connected to something powerful that allows you to reach your potential client in ways that simply product descriptions wont.  Does your team or key board members have executive bios on your website or company literature?  Start telling your story today.  Whether you are looking for a professional corporate bio or something more fun and friendly,  I can help you tell the story that matters.  Visit my solutions page and get personalized bios and digital company memes today.

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