Why Africa Needs African-Americans

Yes.  While it may seem like a proud thing to say, it’s simply an observation based on evidence and history.   It is an incontrovertible fact that most developing economies in modern history gained massive strength through its Diaspora.

One area African Americans (U.S., Caribbean, South America) can be of greatest help is in the fair management of resources in African states.  Constantly, I am in conversation with Africans here and abroad who lament the unfair imbalance of power in business, government and politics among local tribes and ethnic groups after years of conflict and colonial influence.  African Americans provide a special population of Africans whose only allegiance is to the betterment of “Africa” itself.  This would provide for impartial and bi-partisan actors in local, political and business affairs.

Many African Americans, including myself, often contemplate having DNA tests done to find their African tribal ancestry.  However, I do see the benefit in remaining ignorant of the actual tribal affiliation.  As an African American contractor and program manager, I have the ability to manage resources, delegate, promote and administrate projects based on talent, ability, logic and need rather than tribe.  This is a key area, African states should investigate.  Many African states seeking impartiality, hire outside groups/contractors from France and Belgium or other European states, without noting that these too have a long vested history with African states too (often siding with certain tribes/groups).

African Americans, therefore, make the most logical and practical sense in terms of companies with which  African states should contract for major projects and the fair administration of resources and goods in areas with a history of tribal conflict or unfair advantage.  African Americans are ideal, because they can readily identify with other Africans in plight and struggle, bring professional skills from top-tier universities as well as provide a level of impartiality unmatched elsewhere.

As a communications professional and a business services provider (including project management); I would love to demonstrate this principle by contracting with an African state or connecting them with a great African-American/black business in the United States, Latin America or elsewhere.  Are you a black business and want to be connected?  Contact me!  Let’s make Africa Great Together!

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