Defy Your Niche: Why Diversification Matters

While it’s true that you want to hone what you’re good at, it’s an incontrovertible fact that companies that didn’t just stick to their first product offering excelled most.  You have to be able to see new avenues in your field and other fields to stay competitive.

There is a great book by an Entrepreneur who went into one product area and transitioned to another, It’s called, “Doing Business By the Good Book.”  The author and so many others are great examples of  non-tech people who were able include new technologies into their product offering or agricultural firms that moved from providing food stuffs to plastics and chemicals.

Entrepreneur Tara Reid, now a millionaire, is one of them.  She was a marketing executive who created her own app without knowing how to code!  There is also David Steward who began in engineering in the transportation industry but moved into tech, now owning one of the largest tech companies.  Excellent examples of people who defied the niche myth and excelled.  But Apple, a computer company moved into selling music (iTunes), Samsung a trading company moving into electronics and everything else; and I’d be remiss not to mention GE (General Electric), DuPont, Sony and so many more!

While knowing your niche is important, never be afraid to venture to something new.  Are you a small business owner, entrepreneur or career professional and looking to find a new area to explore?  Get a consultation so that we can dig into your resume, product/service offering or talents to find areas where you can make money, adapt with the markets and increase profits.  Let’s work on branding you better and unlocking your lucrative hidden talents!  Choose a 60 or 30 minute consultation now:



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