3 Ways Social Media Can Improve Your Life

Social media has been a creeping phenomena over the past 15 years.   When we think about it, we often envision sights like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  However social media has been growing since the early days of AOL Messenger, CollegeClub and Myspace.  In fact, it all started with the online forum, which, in essence, is the quintessential nature of social media.

Sure, we may spend it mind-numbingly scrolling through photos, swiping to find dating partners or catching up with old friends from time to time, but there are lots of ways you can use social media to give you a real leg up in the world.  Here are three ways you can use social media to Improve your life.

Curate Inspirational/informative Content

It’s simple and anyone can do it.  Don’t fill your timeline with foulmouthed Debbie Downers and Danny Do-Nothings, instead follow, subscribe and add people who post positive, inspirational and informative content.  This ensures that your timeline will always be a breath of fresh air whenever you log on.  In fact, it can improve your mood too!  When you get those notification, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Connect with Opportunity

Social Media can also be a smorgasbord of opportunity if you know who to subscribe, follow or add.  Take a little time to use the search feature on your social media platform of choice, scour through hashtags and find the users who have what you want or can help you on the journey.   Don’t be afraid to connect with like-minded people and offer your own expertise as a resource.

Advertise What you Sell or Want to Buy

We all know that marketers and businesses aggressively market online.  Sometimes we are innundated.  But even if you aren’t a business owner or an entrepreneur you can still market and advertise online.  Are you trying to buy a car?  Invite people to an event you’re hosting or sell an old couch?  Social Media can be a great way to do that.  You can even advertise your expertise–even if you are not a business person.  Buy one or two digital graphics  like the ones below . . .

And viola!  You can tell others about what you do.  Maybe you’re an independent lawyer, accountant, freelance writer or speaker.  A couple of great graphics like these can help you draw attention to what you do in your social circle or “social media” circle.  Science has already proven that people respond better to photos than simple posts!

Want a graphic, meme or digital ad?  Buy one now ($13.50) or get a bundle of three!  Just $13.50!  Get your digital business card for social media today!


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