Constructing the Future

The construction field is a unique one—highly politicized and often a struggle for smaller contractors to gain headway into the market.  When I was growing up in the Midwest, as an African-American, I can remember the consistent complaint from construction companies of color for the lack or absence of government contracting awards.  It was a real issue for many men who had spent their whole life in the field and found it difficult to find opportunities even within the federal sector.

And while I can fully understand the frustration, I can still hear these complaints to day.  Most notably, I am finding these complaints in the IT and Tech sectors as well.  It leaves me wondering why these companies aren’t looking abroad for opportunities.  I remember when the financial crisis of 2008 occurred and everything imploded.  During that time, I was in Los Angeles and was very privy to the Asian community and I found companies from those groups turned inward to their local communities and outward to their greater ones across the pacific.  The move was lucrative and sustainable to both the US Based company and the foreign entities they serviced in them.

Africa needs affordable, sustainable constructions and equipment’s.  African American contractors need clients with whom they can work consistently to provide high quality services.  This construction marriage is a match made in heaven.  In fact, African states can avoid the costly production rates and debt incurred by the construction projects they co-signing with other outside entities by simply tapping their Diaspora as China, India, America and others have tapped their Diaspora to create dynamic, and mutually beneficial outcomes in building the future!


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