Let Your Brand Evolve

Few know the story of the McDonald’s founder, Ray Kroc, and few really care.  These day getting meal deal from McDonald’s doesn’t conjure up the thought of a hardworking business man who wanted to bring fast, high-quality food to the masses.  That is because the story of McDonald’s, the brand has solidified over time and been reduced to its lowest state—fast, burgers—cheap.  And maybe throw in a clown or two!

Is this a disaster for McDonald’s?  No, because the brand is not only the idea you want to convey, it is reducing the story of your product and service down to the most basic level.  And that really is how brands work.  In the early stages, brands can afford to include grandiose histories and personality level marketing.  But as time goes by, the brand eventually becomes reduced down to its most basic concept with the consumer:  Eat at Joe’s, Good Coffee, Shoes that demonstrate class.  These become intrinsic rather than deliberate.  So, go ahead, tell your story, but always know what it is you are selling.  Chanel becomes synonymous with luxury women’s perfume, Nike with socially admirable shoes, and so forth—brands must evolve.  Let yours!

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