Protect Your Creativity: Is Media Working For or Against You?

I’m a writer, and I love to write.  But usually, when I sit down to pen a magna carta—I often shut out all other media (radio, tv, news, ads, even music with too many repetitive lyrics).  Media is powerful, and it can influence your choices in many ways.  More importantly, those choices can be detrimental.  Most people don’t want to believe this, but there is solid evidence to back this up, and marketers like myself do not hesitate to use that information to increase impact.  This means, you want to be mindful of the information you take in during the creative process.

Without knowing it, I am thoroughly sure that some media can destroy creativity.  I’ve often been baffled by the one-dimensional music that comes out of some genres of rap.  It is all the same, money, cars and women of questionable nature.  As adults, creative professionals and parents, we must be mindful of the stories that the media we consume tells us.  Is that media undermining the values you are trying to demonstrate in your household or keep in your life?  Yes, it matters—especially for kids.  But also for you!  If you are listening to someone curse all day, use racial epithets, and talk about aggressive conflict oriented situations—I dare say your creativity will be affected.  This goes for your children’s vitality in the classroom and their conception of what they can become or accomplish in the world.   You need creativity in your day to day life to be able to think outside of the box and find solutions for life, work, family, love and business.

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