Grad Nation: 3 Tips for College Grads

In part one of our two-part series on graduation, we learned a few key things students matriculating to higher education should keep in mind during graduation.  According to the National Center for education Statistic, public institutions had the highest graduation rates of public, private an for-profit institutions (accept in cases where the for-profit institution had a more selective college acceptance rate).  So let us look at a few key things to remember when you graduate:


Tip 1:  Stay Connected

It’s easy to drift away from your alma mater after graduation when life gets busy, kids, marriage and families intervene. So while you are young, make a concerted effort to stay connected to your university and most importantly it’s alumni and faculty.  Unless your college is extremely prestigious like Harvard or Yale, it is a good idea to begin your career in the same city where you graduated.  The university will hold more influence in the city/state where it is located than elsewhere.  You won’t have recruiters asking ” . . . and so where is ZSU located?”

Tip 2:  Stay Close to the Action

According to a 2016 report  in the Harvard Business Review, only two-thirds of college grads struggle to launch their careers.  That means, many years may be spent trying to get into your field.  A key thing to remember, is that you must maximize any detours life should bring up.  Additionally, students who took internships during college were more likely to transition faster into their careers.  So it is important to keep your eyes on the prize, even if your first job out of college is not in your field of choice.  Even if you must work in a tangential position, be sure to keep working in your field, if it must be through internships, volunteering, consulting or pro bono work.  It is essential that you stay near your profession and keep honing your craft regardless of the job market or the industry outlook.

Tip 3:  It’s OK to Go Home

Many students graduating college often feel that they must demonstrate their level of independence by living on their own.  However, it may be to your benefit to move back home after college to regroup, save money, and plot your next move.  Don’t be too quick to evacuate the nest.  Your parents accommodations offer you a rare opportunity to reduce costs, make critical connections, evaluate your choices and move toward a great future.  Also, going back home can have a therapeutic affect by reminding you of the reason you went to college.  While you are at home, it is advised that you learn to make a budget, research opportunities and seek advice and make connections with those in your circle.

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