The Pivot: New Beginnings, New Directions

While in Nigeria I read a book on execution—the concept of getting things done. It reminded me of another business book that I read about how companies restructured and reinvented themselves. I found both to be very compelling, most especially because they showed how good companies got better, bad companies improved and some companies innovated so dramatically that they changed an entire industry.

As I read through the case-studies, I noted a couple of key things that were done to really change company culture, improve sales and start momentum in the right direction. Here are three tips to help you pivot! Whether you are pivoting your business, your life or your relationships these simple tips will help you get there.

See The End First
The most compelling reason to pivot is when you decide the kind of outcome or result you want from your business, relationship, career or life. Sometimes we go into business with just a dream or an idea, but sometimes over time that idea distills into a real vision and that is when we have to make decision about what we will do to accomplish it. The same can be said for careers, relationships, and life journeys. One has to see the outcome or the result one which one wishes to accomplish first, before making a move in either direction. Begin with the end in mind.

Evaluate the Course
The next step is to determine whether the current course that you are on will accomplish the goal you’ve established. Many times we must evaluate whether the steps we have been taking are actually getting you to your destination. Evaluating the course not only means thinking critically about the directions, but also the methods you are taking to accomplish your goal. You need to think strategically about the steps that you take. Determine whether they are moving you closer to that goal or if they will be a detriment. Evaluate the pros and the cons of your decision. You also must have the courage to change that course after your evaluation and accept the feedback you get from those around you. Keep in mind, making changes may also make others around you question you. But if you have done the research and evaluation necessary take heart, explain what you can, but move ahead. Not everyone has evaluated the course, nor understand your vision, so they may not understand your decisions. Be patient, but don’t be deterred.

Choose What Stays and Goes
Evaluation always requires making decisions about what stays and what goes. That includes services, products, plans, and anything else that no loner fits with the vision of the new course. You have to determine whether you see those things that you choose to keep at the destination where your you intend to go. In business that may mean certain business units or product lines. If you’re an entrepreneur, you might want to evaluate your own strengths and weakness as what you wish to focus on. If you’re evaluating your life, relationship or any other endeavor, you may also need to remove toxic relationships. Anything that destabilizes your focus or threatens to push you off course. Especially those relationships in which you know are toxic and there is a history of negativity. Actively look for those who support you or who have demonstrated in the past their positiveness or support.

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