Forward: A Saga

There are 322 million people in the United States, of that population, and of that population 33.1 million or 10 percent are legal immigrants. Many people from around the globe see immigration as a force of forward movement.  The goal is to move from one environment to a better on suited for the pursuits, hopes and goals of the migrant.

In many ways, you as an individual, career professional, entrepreneur, or business owner must also be the same.  Sometimes, the best markets are not found in familiar locals.  The ability to stop and reassess the situation is absolutely of vital importance.

Forward movement requires first, forward thought.  Many people rush into decision, business deals, relationships and careers without truly taking the time to evaluate whether the forward movement is actually forward.  Many are keen to prove that they haven’t “fallen off,” that they are still “relevant” and so many other perception oriented scenarios.

The key to true forward growth is evaluation.  Evaluating where you are and where you wish to go is tantamount.  Many times that includes getting a feel for the trends and changes going on in the world.  Now is a very pivotal time in history, as older regimes fight to hold on to power by any means, while newer ones grow stronger.  It is important to plot a course that takes into account that the power-players today may not be calling the shots tomorrow.

If you are in business, career, or any other personal endeavor, take the time to evaluate where you are, where you wish to go and how you’d like to do it.  Take the time you need to truly create a plan that works for you.  Forward movement is not had merely by movement alone.  It must be coupled with the right movement and in the right direction.

Where are you going?  Let’s plot your next content marketing, marketing or social media campaign or plan.

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