Of Things Remembered and Hoped For

Every year on social media I post my top ten songs for the year. These songs are by no means the only songs I’ve enjoyed throughout the year, just the new ones I learned to really enjoy and that were often on repeat that year. They are not always new songs either, I tend to find jewels along the way in life from people I meet, places I go and any other happenstance! Sometimes, I’m just in love with the hook, the chorus or the artist! I think this is my third or fourth year publishing the Top Ten.

Please keep in mind as you listen and enjoy (or dislike) these songs, that I don’t advocate profanity and I’ve tried to find the “clean version.” Also, if you don’t like the religious songs, just remember there’s “mumble rap,” and “blue grass” music for you. Yes, I’m being snide.

This is the first year I give a little context for the music. Also you can vote for your favorite at the very end of this article. Enjoy!

  1. We Believe: Hands down my favorite for the year. Came at a great time that summed up my experience on my trip to Africa this year. I tell people close to me that “I met God in Africa.” And I really think I did. It was an amazing experience that sort of confirmed what I already believed, in a way has left an indelible print on my life.M Y experience in Africa was both traumatic and awesome, which I must elaborate on in a future post, live stream or video.
  2. My Story: I finally found a song that summed up my experience in 2018
  3. Hypnotized: This is a fun song I heard at the beginning of the year. It reminds me of all things fun, happy and flirty.
  4. Pata Pata: Again, another oldie but goodie. Besides having a great deal of respect for the singer, the song has great meaning for me and my work to advocate and promote for Africa.
  5. Opportunity: This one reminds me to always give my dreams a chance–and to realize that opportunity is for those that live in the present.
  6. Mayumba: Heard this in an Uber not too long back from my time abroad in Africa. Reminded me of the music I heard bumping along in the African “danfo buses” or walking in the hot sun with my fellow Africans. Good times. I love Africa it always feels like home! I can’t wait to go back!
  7. The Night Is Still Young: Yes, some of the lyrics are crazy, but, I really like the concept of living in the moment. Sometimes you’ve got to remember, that no matter where you are in life, if you still have life–the night is ALWAYS still young.
  8. Kana: Yeah, I don’t really know what this one is talking about. Some of the English lyrics that I can understand seems a little sketchy; but, this song was on repeat everywhere in Lagos when I was there. It kind of worked its way under my skin by force. Nawaooo!
  9. Reckless Love: Yeah, this explains what real love is like–the kind of love that moves you.
  10. All the Stars: Absolutely adore, Black Panther. Love the song because it feels like an anthem for no frauds. If you’re a real one . . .

Hope you enjoyed my Top Ten Music Recap for 2018. Vote for your favorite song on the list or the one you think should be number one below and click here to listen to the entire playlist.

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