Italy’s Money Challenge: From Austerity to Freedom

Italy has faced a massive influx of foreign national and refugees to its shores, and recently made incendiary statements regarding Frances’ role in the continuing instability in Africa. Italy’s inflammatory statements likely comes out of a state of frustration and helplessness, as it grapples to handle its own economic instability and the steady consuming wave of refugees from Africa.

Italy unlike many Western powers has begun to recognize the connection between the destabilization of African states and the waves of refugees and immigrants fleeing to Western States.

“If today we still have people leaving Africa, it is due to several European countries, first of all France, that didn’t finish colonizing Africa,” Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister said.

“The European Union should sanction all those countries, like France, that are impoverishing African countries and obliging those people to leave. The place for African people is Africa and not at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. If we want to stem the departures, let’s start addressing this issue, let’s start coping with it also within the United Nations, not only at the European Union level. Italy has to make itself heard.”

Italy has faced stiff international scrutiny for leaving over 600 sub-Saharan immigrants seeking asylum in the Mediterranean sea. Italy’s new prime minister has made a plea for an international response to the immigration crises in the West that is critically affecting his nation most. It is important to note that nearly 10 percent of Italy’s population are comprised of immigrants; and of that population, nearly 8 percent are from North Africa. While some immigrants settle in Italy, many more pass through on their way to the UK, France, or other European Union states.

In the wake of the austerity measures of the global financial crisis, Italy’s prime minister is looking not only at symptoms, but core causes for refugees, internally displaced persons, and political/economic immigrants. It is getting more difficult to romanticize and legitimize political/economic immigrants descending on local populations due to instability in their homelands. Di Maio then implores France not to manipulate the CFA Franc which rules in 14 African states. This means rich nations will have to be honest about the roles they play in the developing world and how those actions might be negatively affecting their own local populations on detrimental socioeconomic and cultural levels.

The stability of African nations matter, as the West is increasingly losing ground in its own socioeconomic spaces. Italy understand that African states must realize their own manifest destiny on the continent. Repayments, recuperation packages and a hands off political approach may slow the burgeoning refugee and immigrant bubble. Again we are seeing the world question the current financial system and how it is tangibly affecting lives around the world.

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