Let The People Go: The International Way Forward We All Know

At the beginnin of the year, Italy made a salacious statement. It accused France of impoverishing Africa. Italy sighted the manipulation of the French controlled CFA Franc which many see as the heart of fancophone Africa’s financial woes. Much like the world’s antiquated financial system, built arbitrarily on the values assigned by former colonial powers, Italy sees the CFA Franc as the cause of much instability in francophone africa.

A whopping eight West and Central African countries are tied to the CFA Franc; which means nearly 103 million people’s lives and livilihoods are controlled by the currency. Italy like many smaller western nations has been pushing back against the onslaught of immigrants pouring into their boarders from developing nations. Most recently Italy came under fire for allowing a boat of immigrants to sink off of its shores.

But the Africa problem, has always existed. Even in the US, it was called the Negro problem. A situation in which black bodies were now no longer needed after labor and natural resource extractions had been exhausted or upgraded. In the past, more nefarious plans have included everything from population control to open genocide. But all of these “final solutions” were failures. Yet time and again, the attempt to control the African natural and human resources have resulted in losses for those who have tried. It has amounted to something of a collective insanity, wiping away the cultures and enclaves of those who sought to maintain it—Albert Einstein once said, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different results.”

These attempts at containment, population reductions/controls have been utter failures. The truth is that these nations need their own autonomy—in finance and governance. As western nations face the possible extinction of its own populations and cultures, the very real need to step away from foreign entanglements in sub-Saharan Africa become ever more apparent. It is just NOT working. Africa must be remunerated for its massive involuntary contributions to the world and given time to stabilize and look after its citizens. It is clear, the chaos that comes to Africa’s shores will eventually find their way to the West with even greater consequences on culture, population and continuity.

The truth is that the currency system in the world does not benefit all states; nor does it allow them to plot a financially secure and successful future. The CFA Franc along with the missteps of central banks on an outdated arbitrary currency system must be revamped. Sub-Saharan Africa must be free for the benefit of all Western states. Africa is a hot coal burning its way through the core of the West; and it is high time they let it go to save what is left. The time is now, let the people go.

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