Windfarms Help Bolster Growth in the Dominican Republic

In 2011 the Dominican Republic opened its first wind farm, a concept meant to increase power output on the island nation.  A Harvard University Case Study and subsequent  research reveals that the Los Cocos Wind Farm is the first grid-connected windfarm in the Dominican Republic.  By the end of summer 2018, the Republic announced that it would be adding 240 megawatts of power via Wind farms and Solar Power moving into 2019.

In its quest to bolster its economy, increase production and boost local internal programs for small businesses and entrepreneurs, the Dominican Republic has also stayed the course on its commitment to powering its economy forward with adequate energy sources.  This is primary for a nation of nearly 11 million people and only 18,792 square miles.  The challenge for any developing economy is not only promoting business and trade, but also finding ways to ensure that there is adequate power to make growth possible.

Many developing economies may benefit from investing in their natural land formations and climate to produce energy.  Solar, wind and hydropower are excellent alternatives to nuclear and fossil fuels to help power their economies.  The employ of such methods will help to keep its populations healthy; environs clean and avoid the unnecessary environmental disasters of the modern industrialized world.

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