The New World Economic Toolkit

It was postulated maybe 25 years ago that the world was ready to move into a period of relative peace and cooperation. Nobel Peace Prizes were being given out like candy and the rise of international diplomacy was touted as the way forward in solving international disputes. Led by the United States and its allies, it seemed the world was moving toward a period of relative peace.

In a per-social media world, Unbeknownst to most Americans, there was less liberty going on behind the scenes. As documents began to become declassified, we started to learn about major constructs destabilizing the world and creating conflicts around the world. We watched in horror at the Iran-Contra Affair, the preemptive strike into sovereign countries, Syrian interventions, JSOC Units (pseudo terrorism units) and the list continues. The world began to see how that a new world order had already been brewing behind the scenes and the rules of engagement needed to change.

This is a series on the tools that future economies will need to be able to sustain their sovereignty and support their populations. We will also consider how developing economies must act now and growing ones, like China and India will need to be proactive to maintain theirs. We will also consider the eventualities associated with the decay of the West and whether we see signs of it slowing or advancing. We will examine four areas: Money/Resources, Defense, People and Diplomacy. The Toolkit will help you whether you are hoping to focus on your career, business, nation or diplomatic ties. The imperative is upon everyone to understand, and to truly know that “business as usual” no longer exists.

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