Democratizing The News Cycle

The concept that the top news networks would be held by only a few powerful companies used to be a point of high contention for most journalists. The idea that messaging and news would be held in the hands of a powerful few is the worste nightmare of a true journalist (and quite honestly, humanity). When narratives are held by a few or created by entities outside of autonomous communities, it becomes harder to understand the true mechanization of the world in which we live. And for a while it seemed that a few old men from old money would tell the world what to think and how to live. However, once again nature proves that she does abhor a vacuum and that there is some merit to the idea that, “Nature will make a way.”

The advent of more sophisticated communications technologies around the world has democratized news and media in ways we could not have predicted. In the US for example, it was always believed that Hollywood was the only way to make it big–new technologies have ushered in a new age where Hollywood might just be the last place you want to go to make your way in the world. Going global has never been so easy, and finding opportunity in traditionally ignored or neglected markets has become a boon for many.

News is probably one of the most important areas where technology has changed the landscape. As news moved online, many harcopy journalists went the way of the dinosaur. Stories on the news had become fluffy and celebrity, ignoring the plight of the everyday man, changes to the economy and the issues that affect a population most. Some media outlets have yet to update their offerings. Many Americans in middle America often lived in the bubble of the 24 hour U.S. news cycle as presented by a few networks and the scant offerings on cable. There was no way to know about what was happening in Dubai, Portugal or Namibia. Those in middle America could only assume the world was a gruesome dark place where people envied the West and “our way of life.” Little did we know, the world was moving quickly without us.

New technologies help to put the pieces together and fill in the gaps where news simply didn’t make sense, and left the viewer puzzled or feeling that there was more to the world than crime stories, puppy rescues and fed employment numbers. Even with the advent of the American concept of Fake News, more accurate information is available to the general public than ever before. Nations that once relied on Western Media alone to tell the story, have taken control of their own narrative. The world. And perhaps it is not democratization that we are seeing, but equity in news. Now once homogeneous newsrooms that daily churned out the same kinds of stories and narratives are not the only options for news seekers around the world.

And news is so important! It helps us to make good decisions about our business, lives, health and family choices. Poor information can be devastating. And the past has shown us that poor information has left much of the world ignorant about what is truly happening in the world. New Technologies are making it possible for people around the world to see the truth and connect the dots to make more meaningful decisions that positively benefit their life, country, economy, and business. Imagine how new Technologies are making it possible for businesses to reach more customers.

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