World News Roundup: Beyond the Headlines

In an effort to get beyond wall to wall pandemic coverage and find news that effects our world beyond case numbers, this article explores a sample of news from around the world. If you don’t see your nation, send suggestions through the contact portal.

USA News

US Legislatures Focus on the Offensive In Age of COVID-19

Lawmakers introduced house resolution 6444 in early april and are moving expeditiously on the legislation. The bill seeks to amend its Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act to establish an exception to jurisdictional immunity for a foreign state that discharges a biological weapon . . .” The current Act limits whether a sovereign foreign nation may be sued in a US Court (federal/state) and ostensibly, lawmakers and leaders are pivoting toward green-lighting litigation.

Senate Seeks to Expand E-3 Migration Guidelines

In the face of hard crackdowns on immigration and tough talks on jobs, it seems authorities have made an unforeseen direction change by adding Ireland to the E-3 Visa Program. The program is a immigration program that allows the prolonged stay and employment of Australian citizens as a part of the Australia United States Free Trade Agreement (AUFTA). It is curious that Ireland would be added to this regional FTA in the time of COVID-19.


PRC Pivots to Traditional Chinese Medicine Amidst Pandemic Woes

In the wake of the worldwide pandemic, Beijing is moving toward TMC as sky-rocketing numbers in Europe and America may prove the inadequacies of Western Medicine. The PRC is promoting TMC through an account developed by the Beijing Administration on Traditional Medicine on its most popular social media platform WeChat. The new resources will give users access to over 1000 TMC Experts providing information in both Chinese and English.


Britain Detains Vessels from Nigeria to Russia for Violations

According to records by United Kingdom Maritime Coast Guard Agency, five foreign ships have been flagged and detained for violations. Among them are ships from Finland, Nigeria, Marshall Islands, Latvia, Russia and unidentified origins. Ships are detained at port for repairs, certification and other maritime violations.

UK Foreign Commonwealth Offices Ramp Up Repatriation of Expats

According to an official release, the UK has also charted commenced an ambitious plan to repatriate its nationals abroad. The UK has charted 3 flights in April to return nationals from India. It has finalized an MOU with the UAE to bring back stranded Britons and its Foreign Commonwealth Offices has ramped up efforts to commission chartered flights to Bolivia, Ecuador among others. According to the release, 10 new airlines have joined the UK repatriation plan bringing the total to 14 carriers.

British Deploys Largest COVID-19 Trials

On April 3, 2020 the United Kingdom deployed the world’s largest coronavirus trials. According to official reports, nearly 1000 patients from 132 separate hospitals have been recruited within 15 days; and it is estimated that more will join the trials. The Randomised Evaluation of COVID-19 Therapy or RECOVERY trial will make this the largest controlled COVID-19 trial to date and will test a number of medicines, including HIV drugs, steroids and malaria treatments.


Nigerian VP Endorses Memo on Increased Science and Research Funding

In an early March meeting Nigerian vice president, Yemi Osinbajo spoke at the National Research and Innovation Council at the Presidential Villa at Aso Rock. The council, supported by Osinbajo, underscored the need for Nigeria to pivot toward improved funding in research and innovation in accordance with a memo from Nigeria’s Technology Minister Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu. It is proposed that a percentage of the National budget be directed toward such funding. Developments in science, particularly medicine and medical research are ever more pressing in the wake of a global pandemic that may leave developing economies like Nigeria and others in the subcontinent to build without the aid of foreign technical or financial support.

South Africa

South Africa and Other African States Register Concern for Food Security

According to an official release from the South African Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, aid will be provided for “distressed small scale farmers.” For less developed nations Covid-19 infections may be the least of their worries. Ministers and local leaders are concerned about ensuring food security for a giant, poor populous. It appears years of neglect from apartheid and in other colonial policy ravished enclaves, daily sustenance may be the greater fear.


Mexico Creates Strategic Bilateral Ties to Control Arms Imports

Bilateral conversations between the U.S. And Mexico have begun as early as March 2020, to highlight and limit illegal arms trafficking from the United States to Mexico. A panel was held in Calexico, California between local, state and federal functionaries on both sides. The panel is part of Mexico’s efforts to strengthen security measures to prohibit Mafia and Cartel power. It has also made security deals with Europe, determining to creating security ties with Europol in an effort to bolster intelligence and curb inter-state arms sales and violence beyond its US affiliations.

United Arab Emirates

UAE Pivots to Advances in science and space exploration.

The United Arab Emirates Mars Mission or Hope Probe completed initial authorizations in February. The move highlights the kingdom’s growing pivot toward science and self-reliance. Probes, satellites and other innovation will help the nation to under-gird its own proprietary security measures, increase telecommunications and facilitate military strategy. According to the release the probe is slated to launch in July 2020.


Japan Creates Monetary Ties in Southeast Asia

The archipelago has determined to make ambitious new financial endeavors in southeast Asia. According to a March 31 release, the Bank of Japan and the Bank of Thailand have signed a currency swap agreement. The swap seeks to stabilize the two nations and allow for “the exchange of local currencies between the two central banks of up to THB 240 billion or JPY 0.8 trillion.” Japan has also made plans to expand their Thai-Baht based businesses. The agreement will also allow Japan to provide more liquidity with the deal.



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