The Covid-19 Escape Hatch

Never in recent history has their been an opportunity to huge for nations to reset themselves and balance power. The Covid-19 Pandemic has helped to shift already decadent world powers and rising stars. Some nations took the opportunity to pay themselves handsomely, through clever sleight of hand by their central banks. Others, mostly developing nations took more risky loans hoping to keep their nascent economies going.

The truth is that all nations have an incredible opportunity to reshape their future and ally with more stable, less violent partners for a more prosperous future. Although many Post-World War II powers were already teetering on the brink of economic and industrial disaster, the corona virus helped to exacerbate their state and threatens to crush the European Union. Just recently, the EU launched a lawsuit against, the UK hoping to make an example of the British nation in the hopes of deterring copycat EU members contemplating a breakaway.

The time for the unconventional, is upon us. It is clear that regional alliances may yield the best results for many nations whose former alliances have not served their interests as much as it has for their superpower ally. African state have a unique opportunity in the name of “crisis” to restructure and reorder a more perfect union and better alliance. Even Latin America has a chance to pivot in the current times if they are wise to pay close attention to the quality and history of their alliances in the Western Hemisphere.