Malaysia’s Growth Plan

With the fourth largest economy in southeast Asia according to the International Monetary Fund , Malaysia has been engineering its growth. With strategic partnerships and outward oriented policy, the island nation has maintained its position despite the ravages of Covid and after the Asian econonic bubble of the 1990s.

Today Malasia has a GDP of nearly 4 billion dollars. Currently its outward facing policy continues in the face of Covid as the nation refuses a lockdown. Part of its focus comes from the Malaysia Investment Development Authority (MIDA) which continues to steer the nation toward key foreign direct investments. Malaysia changes its strategy after the economic debacle of the 90s, now on its 12th Malaysia Plan, the country has carefully plotted a course that not only targets FRI but Domestic Direct Investments (DDI ) that yield dividends and makes sense for the country.

The country isn’t just investing in agriculture or husbandry because it’s easy or plentiful as some developing economies do–no, the nation is targeting products and services that yield the best returns and position the nation for the future. Malaysia targets high tech, machinery, electronics, healthcare, education, logistics and more. Malaysia exports nearly 300 billion, with top eports in semiconductors, electronic products, palm oil, machinery, medical equipment and more. In fact electrical machinery makes up 37 percent of its exports.

Targeted markers for growth has helped Malaysia become a much savvier global player. It has avoided the pitfall od becoming a mere resource economy or a raw product cash cow. Malaysia is giving its citizens and its nation a place in the economy of the future.

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