Content Migration and Targeted Access

If you read this blog often, you know that we cover some pretty intensive topics. Many generally underscore my expertise and research in the field. However, I want to make things easier for readers.

How you may ask?

Simple. I am segmenting the blog and its content offerings for readers to find the content they are specifically looking for…that means, if you are an international policy and economics reader, you’ll be able to get to that content easier without having to wade through content that may not interest you–like public relations tips or African Proverbs.

I will also make it easier to access me for specific contractual work, R &D, Correspondent services, business, writing and newer services like foreign language and seminars. Segmenting the content means you get the information you’re looking for and the ability to access features and services about that content for your own business.

I will update everyone once everything is going forward. I don’t want to spring it on you unaware. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a due date, just know things are in the works. I appreciate you following the blog, subscribing and liking the content. It’s a pleasure to write about the things that impact so many people around the world. If I may encourage you, take the time to support the free content I have provided on this site, giving you key sometimes exclusive insight and Intel into key topics from policy to trade. Support me at PayPal now. Please click the link and give now if you subscribe to the blog. It would mean a lot to me to let me know you appreciate the content!

I look forward to more great content and a new journey making getting the content you read easier and more accessible. Thank you!

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