New Perspectives in Economics and Geopolitics

As you know, the blog at is being segmented to better fit the audience. This approach actually includes you! The Economy and World politics segment of the blog seeks to include voices beyond the mainstream. Often, it is beyond big box media that you will find what is really happening in the world and be able to better prepare yourself, your family and your business.

The goal is to curate a space for critical thinkers beyond the hubris of the repetitive; synchronized news cycle. It is in independent media that we can find the truth of our times. Here, we believe that news by various voices beyond the mainstream favorites like women’s issues, LGBTQ and Partisan Politics among other sanitized productions, will help you find the nuts and bolts of your world–and what is really happening that will truly impact you beyond a holiday or a toothless bill from legislatures or a Trojan horse local conflict.

And you are a part of the story. The new economics and geopolitical segment is seeking articles from writers, academics, individuals with an independent view of news, politics, economy and World affairs. No, we don’t want the old hackneyed pundit productions of the past, but fresh intellectual perspectives that Help business, industry, and society in nations around the world. Come join the brave new world of independent news and analysis.

Submit your article below. Articles, opinions and analysis will be collected for 4-6 months. You will receive a folloe-up email upon submission.

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