Go Africa! A Seminar

If you’ve never walked along Africa’s sandy beaches, enjoyed a breezy night under the stars or bumped along in a three-wheeled bike now is you chance to grab the experience. As one of the most diverse continents on the planet, Africa boasts of hundreds of languages, cultures and people groups. It is the second most populace replication on earth, full of the planet’s oldest ancestors.

Many people log a trip to Africa, mostly to see it’s beautiful wildlife, verdant flora and fauna and sometimes for more nefarious intentions. However, for many a visit to Africa is a visit to a “Motherland,” offering clues to identity, human civilization and moments of exquisite respite. For descendants of American, British and Spanish Slavery in the Caribbean and the Americas, a visit to Africa is a great way to put the pieces together.

Now here is your chance to plan a solo trip, group, a long-term vacation or make a permanent move. Often the process has been seen to be murky or unclear for those seeking longer stays or immigration, but that is not always the case and that does not have to be the case for you and yours.

You can now get comprehensive information on how to make the move or plan the trip. You can now schedule one-on-one planning sessions or join larger seminars and workshops. The goal is to give you the information you need to move forward and to move beyond apprehension to action.

These unique seminars help you understand “local Africa” in a way you’ve never experienced. They provide an unvarnished, honest appraisal of local life and the realities of living as an expat in nations with complex infrastructural and socioeconomic issues. They are designed to prepare you for the reality of African life as a visitor or an expat as well as the feasibility of opening/running a business.

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