Building Confidence to Engage Your Market

The state of your market matters. Many business target market’s that cannot provide great returns for a variety of reasons. However, increasing market confidence is within the purview of the marketer and to the advantage of your bottom line. 

A study released in 2012 Study by the University of Michigan UI College of Arts and Sciences found that watching television in the US lowered self esteem in all children, with the exception of Caucasian male children.  The study along with countless others are red flag behavioral makers for savvy marketers.  The data is available today gives us the tools to market more effectively and more lucratively to a predominantly brown world.

As made famous by the TV program, Mad Men, the majority of marketers have been those who represent a fraction of the world population.  Marketers who follow that old model of marketing and branding are deleting over half of their buying market.  Markerters, entertainment creative’s have an opportunity to boost their own market’s self esteem through key images, storylines and content that accentuates local norms, values and cultural mores.

Why does your market’s confidence matter? And why should you participate? Consider that low self esteem has negative effects that impact customers and your bottomline.  According to the United Kingdom National Health Service low confidence can lead to anxiety,  depression, avoidance of social situations,  relationship issues and more. These are all areas where you as a marketer need better engagement from your market.  When people don’t engage, they don’t buy, they don’t feel confident about their place in society. Your nation loses and local and national markets.

Boosting your market’s confidence can be as simple as changing costumes in TV ads, programs and movies to reflect your local population; Arranging business and city fairs to mimic cultural fetes that make people feel comfortable; choosing protagonists in print, digital and video that visually look like your average citizen. 

Make sure your ad rooms look and think like local populations so that storylines and adverts speak communicate the things that make people in your market proud.  It matters that your market thinks like a winner, because they will also  buy like a winner too!  Even those in outreach and ad campaigns must consider the same contingency for easier and more natural adoption of new measures and practices.

Marketers have a big role to play in getting their populations buying– and that includes boosting their confidence when you can.

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