How to Drum Up Publicity Without Depreciating Your Brand

The internet is rife with A-Z list celebrities, influencers and musicians trying to remain relevant in a pandemic that has almost single-handedly sucked the life out of the entertainment industry. People desperate for new and renewed contracts and relevance are doing almost anything to remain on the minds of their fans and decision-makers in their industry.

Unfortunately, some of the methods and high jinks have been disasterous. This may be due to the lack of guidance during the pandemic, desperation, depression or sheer ignorance. Some celebrities, public figures and influencers left to their own devices have made horrible mistakes trying to gain the public’s attention.

But there are things you can do to drum up a little publicity; improve your brand and boost your prospects now and in the future despite the pandemic. Here are a few free tips you can use now.

Stay True to Your Brand or Craft

Many influencers and celebrities in an attempt to be edgy or nab as much attention as they can often experiment with new WILD themes and genres that do not match their brand. For instance, a singer might start an Onlyfans account or a d-list actor might divulge titillating information with a gossip blogger. These aren’t always the best ways to gain or maintain relevance. Because they pivot you in a direction a little too far from your brand and target market. Sure, a singer is an entertainer, but s/he is a heck of a long way from being an adult film star. Find opportunities that remain within your field of expertise, your target audience and set you up for the kind of opportunities you want in the future.

Avoid the Political or Controversial

Leave politics and controversy to people like me, who write about geopolitics, policy and breaking news. We find the data and the research and apply analysis. But if you’re a celebrity or influencer you’re likely armed only with your opinion; and while that’s fine and you’re entitled to it, remember: if you’re going to be a shock jock about political and geopolitical happenings; be prepared for fallout if this isn’t your usual shtick! There’s nothing wrong with espousing your beliefs or stances, but try to tie them to meaningful events in your life so that people understand why you support a particular stance. And by all means, don’t grab on to a position just because it is provocative and it will get you a little publicity. You’re likely not prepared for the response.

Public Meltdowns and Tantrums

It’s okay to be real on social media, if you want. But a lot of celebrities and public figures use and overuse it to their detriment, by expressing strong or evocative emotion continually or harping on and on about men, shoes, bullies, slut-shamers, kidsnowadays or republicans/democrats.
It’s okay to cry on tiktok once to highlight issues, bring awareness or drum up a little publicity for a new release, book, product or project. But continual forays into the emotional, the dramatic or even the wildly famous rant will brand you a slowly deconstructing lunatic. Sure you may have high engagement and some people may be sincere in their commisserations–but most people will tune in for the daily or weekly meltdown for a good old laugh. Don’t become a meme! Becareful using too much drama and emotion to sell yourself on social media.


Regardless of your level of popularity there are things you can do to remain relavant and grab a little publicity when you do. Try giveaways and flashmobs in populous cities where your fan base is located. Partner with popular brands to support homeless and social service initiatives. Go on a trip and blog your experience, participat in a tiktok dance challenge, go camping with a few of your fans, organize an outdoor community play. The emergence of Verzus battles on Instagram remain an excellent example of music celebrities finding a creative way to stay relevant and showcase their talent for fans and future opportunities. Product and service providers are looking for ways to boost sales so–you can partner with them to move your brand forward and stay relevant. If you’d like more tips and a strategies on how you too can stay relevant, contact me here for a confidential consultation.

Good luck!

Next we will explore how nations can boost tourism through creative methods.

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