Empowering Functional Marketing Teams

As the world advances toward AI and Virtual Reality we often forget the imperative of the human connection. We assume productivity in markets can be replicated without understanding human motivations for buying and how best to modify market offerings to fit those needs.

It has been argued that one needs to understand the market to interpret growth. However, markets are often fickle. Because they comprise the collective behavior of human populations. Therefore, understanding a market requires a greater awareness of not only consumer needs, but the societal and global motivations that motivate behavior.

Communications campaigns and marketing pushes that tend to fall flat are those that do not take into consideration the real market forces that dictate behavior. Many marketing and sales teams often notice an impasse in sales without determining that more than one reason could be in play. Cultural, global, and social factors can have major impact on large and small markets.

Cultural, global, and social factors can have major impact on large and small markets.

Professionals then must be empowered to be able to make the necessary contributions to teams tasked with decoding a market. Creating inclusive teams helps add context and contour to conversations that initially may seem one demensional.

The error many businesses make, is there inability to relinquish a measure of autonomy over team members. Some members are rightfully so concerned with keeping group consensus or being sure not to upend their supervisor’s ideas that they fail to add meaningful input to major market conversations. Teams must be empowered to provide vital feedback.

We have all seen the marketing ad or campaign that was completely tone deaf. The major issue in those scenarios is not always that everyone in the company was clueless. Rather, those who knew better were not empowered to advance those ideas before the product or service went to market.

Empowering marketing teams to be functional requires allowing team members to be functional. A company’s first customers are always it’s employees. Many companies survive, not because their product or marketing team function, but because the market hasn’t properly changed. But as our world and markets continue to pivot, the inelasticity becomes clearer. Empower everyone on your team to contribute. You will be able to anticipate changes better and make the needed course correction in a timely manner.

Communication matters in marketing. It matters beyond reaching out to customers, but also among your team and managers. Team members must communicate often and make changes as necessary. When teams are empowered your company is empowered.

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