Reinventing Failed Marketing Campaigns

Many companies invest anywhere from $4000 USD to $20,000 USD or more to run a marketing campaign. Increasingly, governments, cities and local agencies have begun exploring marketing schemes, ad agencies and communications professionals to help with outreach.

However, when marketing campaigns go array there is often a price to be paid–not only in public relations but in dollars and cents. Many who hire marketing campaigns often believe that big budget big box agencies are the way to go until a tone deaf marketing campaign like the one for Dolce & Gabbana, Shea Moisture and Quibi sinks millions in marketing dollars and revenue hopes. There’s a lot of money to be lost, as the marketing industry is worth $138 billion USD. Quality marketing does not always come with size, but strategy. The question becomes whether to fix the campaign is the original marketers or use another agency.

It is then that companies and organizations need a fixer communications expert to repair the public relations damage. These issues can be repaired, but often the team that first created the gaff should be substituted. Allow fresh eyes to look at the problem and engage professionals that have as much Emotional Quotient as IQ.

If you’re facing a PR or Outreach disaster, I am happy to help you right the ship. It can’t be said enough, it’s not enough to get a professional, but a professional with heart, a history of diversity and optimism regarding your brand, niche, market or culture. You don’t have to let PR mistakes kill your initiative or product –you can recover. You just need to find a communications strategist that is creative, wise and believes you can recover.

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