Innovating For Common Good In Shifting Markets

Inevitably, there is always a business actor that complicates the efficient flow of business. Whether that is internal management or within an industry it happens. Just as in the early days of US industry he USA was rife with predatory internal actors at the turn of the century. It was necessary to create protections to safeguard those who wished to make a productive living and compete. So it goes without saying, problematic actors arise when international business change is occurring–often trying to disrupt business instead of improve their own offering.

Don’t fall into this trap as a business, industry functionary or regulator. Paricularly in times of great economic and industry change, some businesses fall into great discontent when it seems other businesses or industries are innovating and moving ahead, rather than improve. Don’t let this happen to you, your business or industry. Instead, make a firm commitment to improvement and finding partnerships that keep you growing.

Let us consider the Asia Pacific as an example. Even after its economy was attacked by money-manipulators, it was able to come back again. As details emerged regarding this nepharious practice in prodigious works like Confessions of an Economic Hitman which detailed the deliberate destabilizion of Asia by unscrupulous billionaires who did not want to see the region’s advance, Asia was still was able to bounce back. Until recently when Asia’s actors have taken a turn toward sectarian violence, the nation was building toward new resources and interdependence in the region. Asia has always been a target.

Asia’s shared cultural ideology of balance and common good helps to underscore its efforts at righting the ship. In whatever endeaver you forge, it is important to find those common regional/industry and business threads to get things back on track. In the past, many in that region have been able to draw stability by relying more closely on their values while still engaging diverse markets. Time will tell how the Asia Pacific market will fare this time around as unprecedented chaos has been injected without real promise of a good return. While the Asian financial fiasco was able to launch an impressive recovery, it took the region roughly 30 years or more to do it. And now yet again the region is being goaded to its undoing with uncertainty that undermines its growth.

Every markets must then learn their own point of regional concession and common goals if it wishes to create regional strength in business areas. Masterminds groups , industry associations and similar organizations can help make that critical turn. No matter how small your industry it can improve from such planning. As a business, employee, marketers or other professionals, therr is a mandate to find the middle point where the greatest stability stands. Consider both the health of your industry and the players in it.

This means understanding not only your niche, but the kinds of disruptions in the market. There are two kinds of disruption in the world–the good and the bad. Some business and international actors specialize in the bad kind of disruption that decimates industry without innovation. While other actors are always looking to improve, often creating new industries as they go. Ideally as a business you’ll want to innovate because reinventing yourself may be necessary in a given period, innovation cycle or trade shift.

Positive market actors (even if they haven’t got the answer) are hotly in the pursuit of creating innovations. These are your key partners. Disruptive innovation may modify or completely change an industry like the smart phone vs. landlines or video vs streaming respectively. Good disruption leaves behind new options and modes of business.

Markets, industries and businesses must then strive for an added layer of protection by creating synergies with interdisciplinary markets, stable regional actors and service providers with similar goals of building and innovating for common good.

If you are a business or regional actor it is to your advantage to understand Asia’s ability to recover and plan your own. It will also be necessary to focus on solution and minimize the threat of belligerent actors in your industry. In ancient times, men developed a strategy of building, walls, booby traps and deterents to keep out Barbarian tribes set on destroying and breaching their territory. Whatever you determine in these times, be sure it will provide the cover you need to keep the proverbial barbarians away.

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