Media Revised: Telling Authentic Stories That Matter

Media continues to grow and change shape. Even the ways in which we use tech has begun to change from the intent of the original developers, and that is good. One of the major issues many people have with modern media today is its inability to tell the whole story.

We might credit social media for expanding our lexicon of knowledge. Truly the Information Age has changed how we process data as individuals. What might have taken years to discover becomes yesterday’s news in the nanoseconds it takes to publish an update. It’s good and it’s challenging, because it keeps us accountable and that is something we have not had for many years.

As technology and the means of both broadcast and production has truly democratized, the narrative inevitably must change–and quickly. In less than a few seconds news and developments in a story change our world. While the advent of the internet and social media augmented the power and presence of mass media–it has begun to so something no one could have foreseen. It is challenging the credibility of mass media.

This means the old curators of what is news have now been equalized. Where a giant media outlet like the BBC used to be the authority in a region or on a topic, the advent of new tech, cheaper tech and more savvy content consumers has changed who gets to determine what news is–and more importantly to shape the general narrative.

At Winston Media Concepts, for nearly a decade, the idea of “changing the narrative” has been our motto. Here, it has always been keenly understood that there were other–many times–more accurate narratives to tell and highlight. Experience working to develop authentic narratives for diverse cultural, social and political clients, helps to clarify and validate the importance of telling an authentic story–even if that story diverges from the mainstream.

Media is powerful. It has incredible capacity, and I have worked for many years to empower SMEs, developing economies and other nonmainstream voices to harness their own voice to tell their own stories. That is what I do. I help people understand and communicate that narrative to the world. I can contribute my experience and strategy to gigantic mainstream media houses and mass media outlets; or I can help to empower a new generation of media leaders prepared to tell the whole story, the authentic story–their own story.

I hope you gain the courage to to tell your own story…to start positively influencing your populations, generation and communities for growth. In a changing world, you need authenticity. I hope you sieze the opportunity today to change the narrative and tell your story to the world. Empower yourself today with a free consultation by clicking here.

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