Welcome to 2022: Reinvention in Chaos

It’s the start of a new year and businesses, communities and cities everywhere are ready for what 2022 has to offer. Despite the emergence of new variants the world has grown restless of much of the capitulating and start-stop stalling of governments taking their lead from outside of their region on everything from lockdown, mandates to testing.

The truth is, SARS-CoV viruses have been around for quite a while. What made Covid-19 special was it’s higher than average mortality rate. In 2019 according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the flu had a 1.8% mortality rate per 100,000 adults or about 6,000 deaths. Contrast that with SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) which in 2020 had 8.5% mortality rate per 100,000 or just over 200,000 deaths in the US.

But to put Covid-19 in perspective, in 2019 heart disease killed nearly 660,000 Americans followed by cancer at 599,601 souls. While there will be plenty of arguments around how the pandemic should have been handled for years to come and possibly lawsuits, medical privacy cases and even ICC appeals should side effects cripple large populations; one thing is certain–the pandemic revealed the weaknesses in healthcare systens worldwide. It also revealed the unfortunate tendency for countries to blindly play follow the leader on protocols, testing and other measures to the detriment of their economies– even without high caseloads or massive deaths.

But there is a silver lining. And that is: now the world can learn from its mistakes and trash every thing, alliance or system that no longer works. Individuals can do the same! 2022 can be the year of reinvention, as nations can begin to double down on policies, alliances, healthcare methods and monetary systems that benefit their econonies. Now is the perfect time for SMEs, corporations, government agencies and entrepreneurs to redefine the world from the scattered pieces of the old one decimated by Covid.

Find new ways of doing business, move away from restrictive financial systems, provide liquidity and economic leverage for all citizens, focus on providing good basic housing, training people for new technology, boosting agriculture partnering with innovative nations that are pro-business and anti-sanction; and creating medical systems that focus on real wellness. Every day is a day to reinvent your society, in the wake of Covid-19.

There is a lot more to consider. Namely, we learned that the healthcare systems in major rich nations need a major overhaul. These systems are more focused on treating symptoms rather than an actual healthy patient. The majority of Covid-19 deaths and hospitalization were for people with preexisting health issues or those who were overweight according to data from the CDC.

While diets may typically be healthier in Asia, mortality and hospitalization caseloads were high there too. We can postulate that the blame goes to high usage of popular foreign tobacco products and poor air quality in some Asian nations, leaving many vulnerable to respiratory infections like SARS-CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrom).

2022 can be the year when nations and people can focus on total body health. And what is more people can now move from pill-healtb and injectable-health to holistic lifestyle health. Truth is, the majority of the world overcome the virus through natural immunity. Besides, Western medicine has it’s limits, as it focuses more on treating symptoms rather than causes and cures. The vaccine itself being an excellent example of Western Medicine models where Covid cases persisted in “fully vaxxed and boosted” populations. Perhaps in 2022, doctors and agency health professionals will focus more on the particular needs of their own populations to create better outcomes rather than a one-size-fits-all approachs. And in the future, we can hope that public service campaigns will be less dispassionate, more affirming, more educational as well as understanding toward a population in crises.

Let 2022 be the year we focus on health, reinventing how we engage in the economy and finding time for things that truly matter. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it has taught us how precious life is, how important personal total body wellness is and that all systems, no matter how long they’ve been in force can be changed. The lockdown in 2020 proved every nation and government could stop or suspend any operations for the good of its population. In 2022 it can stop, change or suspend anything to improve the life, health, living standards, employment opportunities and business atmosphere. 2022 is our year to vanquish the bullies once and for all, change the narrative, and embrace total body health wellness. Reinvention can be chaotic, but it’s necessary to embrace a better for 2022 and beyond.

Cheers to 2022!

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