New Year, New Vision

The LelaWinston Blog has come a long way and I want to thank you for joining me on this amazing journey. But as I promised in 2021, the Blog is turning a corner as we move into segmenting the offerings. will now feature more think pieces, business news, and genre content (this includes travel, motivation and even a little fiction snippets!).

For those interested in international analysis you can order specific reports and analysis on geopolitical events, strategy and more by purchasing the following:

  • Briefs: Shortform overview
  • Reports: Industry, nation, trend
  • Analysis: Summary outcomes
  • Recommendations: Strategy

So, how does this work? Let’s say you want more information on trade trends in Guam, or an analysis on social change in Oceania or a brief on tech in The Solomon Islands. You will place an order here: Or if you want your request to be confidential you can send request for me to send you a special email.

I still offer consulting so you will always be able to reach out to me for content, ghost writing, grant preparation, website design and content, social media management news/special correspondent services business research and other resources.

I’ll also have opportunities for you to meet up with me for travel opportunities and collaboration. There will be more to come and I’m excited to take you along on the journey.

Again thank you! If you’d like to be a part of exclusive content like zoom live stream Q&A, join my Team22 for just $5.99/mo! We’ll meet up once a month! If you want to join sign up

Oh, and I almost forgot! We’re totally changing up #CommonSins! Look out for the new format! Have a great week!

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