The Brave New Word Is Here

While some nations are busy wielding their collective economic power to coerce, the overlooked hard facts of the material world have emerged. The fact that power is concentrated in energy resources, food production and human innovation; and underscored by the ability to defend those resources from pirate economies has come to the fore. The new world is here. Ready for its designers to create.

We have learned from the Eastern Europe Conflict that currencies are replaceable. Resources trump fiat and that the ability to create new economic models has arrived. Today’s millionaires will be tomorrow’s paupers as political fortunes shift. The old economic alliances are crumbling and all will have to create better regional and partnered alliances. Those with strong production, infrastructure and resources and the ability to defend them will doubtlessly surge ahead.

Liquidity from limited foreign currency inflows has been a deceptive detriment to developing economies locked into nonsensemical currency methodologies. However, as supply chains realign and alliances recalibrate, it becomes clear that the real wealth is in developing capacity, adequate food production, bedrock energy resources and even in developing fair-minded alliances with reliable, trustworthy trade and business partners.

Many states have been focused on FDI at the neglect of their own homegrown industries, forgetting to expanding production capacity and regional pacts which has now allowed a comparatively minute skirmish, millions of miles away to impact local economies. This teaches important lessons about creating proprietary #fintech and insulating local economies from hegemons seeking unchecked power.

In the same way that businesses must scale to grow, countries also require expanding capacity. However, many nations are becoming disillusioned by the false promise of growth due to FDI and foreign currency. Now we see that we can create better outcomes from better paradigms, not by better techniques within the old one.

While the times may be frightening for some, they are exciting and present new options in funding, currency, alliances and partnerships that can yield better results. It may be that a brave new world is emerging, but one that can be shaped by its purveyors as they pivot from restrictive economic models that don’t work, to new models that serve a greater good and a broader public. Without a doubt it is evident, capitalism has failed. People from the “richest” nations are broke, companies bankrupt and citizen-protests proliferate; with only the stock market and a few fiat billionaires to save face.

For the first time in decades, perhaps centuries, the world now has options. starting a new economic reality apart from the current model is possible. Essentially many are able to stop playing the losing game and choose a a winning game that puts them first. Old institutions have revealed themselves to be flimsy and ineffective in providing equinanimous results for most of the world.

Businesses now must look for new untapped opportunities, new ways of doing business and more useful local and loyal partnerships. This means envisioning an economy where fintech is homegrown but capable of interfacing with other international systems. The brave new world is here. In this unprecedented time in history, now is the time for underdog economies to recreate themselves, and growing economic powers to fortify themselves with flexible forward-minded partners and business models. A time of uncertainty, is also a time of opportunity. New beginnings for everyone toward a future you get to choose!

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