Resurrgence of the Global South: Resource Narratives & Parasite Nations

In June over 200 migrants, mostly from North Africa stormed the Italy/Morroco border. In an unusual and violent turn of events, border guards open fire on the group and killed over 20 souls.

The truth is that for many developing countries, the real lost quest has been stability. Countless former colonies have sought to wrest their livelihoods and destinies from those who siphoned off their resources and productivity. This parasitic cycle continues to this day, where nations have been beset with regime change, instability, corruption and insecurity for the benefit of a tiny group of nations. According to Transparency International, a German-based NGO, three insecurity-prone natiins, Somalia, Syria and South Sudan rank the lowest on the Corruption Perception list in 2022.

What developing countries have lacked, more than infrastructure, has been the ability to determine their own future. Migrants are not leaving their homeland because other nations offer better vistas, pleasant weather and spacious accommodation. They are leaving because their economies and political systems are held hostage by regime change, a thin political system and a consistent inability to guarantee the future.

Developing economies grapple with food security, national security, systemic instability and most importantly future insecurity–the inability to self actualize through labor, business or investment is hindered for the general public. Amd peooke are not stupid. People want to be able to start and grow a business without paying bribes, they want to be able to get jobs without having to know someone or belong to a special tribe and they want to be able to see consistent growth without needing special affiliations.

Politicization, tribalism and corruption are all socioeconomic tools of the old world order that have kept these nations stagnant for generations. There is no reason why Afghanistan had nearly 7 million in assets seized by a foreign government or that Somali territorial waters have been raided by rich nations for decades. Regime change, divide and rule and the aggravation of petty conflicts have been vital tools in keeping much of the global south in upheaval and poverty.

The mechanisms of the world system are such that developing economies and post colonial societies are unable to sustain prolonged growth and autonomy without some aspect of that system being weaponizes against its growth. Nations who seek greater stability and predictability in national outcomes have begun to gravitate toward newwer mechanism and methods to guard against these systemic upheavals that lead to instability.

Unfortunately, states like Somalia and Afghanistan have less leverage as they have always had porous bordered, limited military and sometimes confusing agreements with former colonial states that often sap its ability to protect not only its resources, but the hearts and minds of its masses. Any NGO, coalition or militia may descend on these nations with plan in-hand, to divert its future or resources as they wish.

A brief visit to any developing nation will quickly let you know who’s in charge. And this leaves populations open and vulnerable. This inability to actualize a descent life is not only underscored by blistering poverty and a stagnant economy, but petty squabbles for refined resources, foreign currency and jobs.

The world seems to judge these migrants harshly, even when they end up on the floor of the Mediterranean sea or fall at the hands of human traffickers. But, these are people so desperate to have stability that they are a danger not only to themselves in its pursuit, but also their own nations when they pick up arms to fight in anyone’s mercenary army. According to the US-based Borgen Project, 40 percent of the words armed forces use child soldiers.

Clearly, these nations can no longer operate in constant conflict or in the absence of their national resources and the ability to provide future opportunities to the majority of their people. These masses will continue to migrate by sheer determination of the human will to survive.

Local leadership in the US capitol has sought emergency assistance un the city as hundreds and hundreds of migrants seek refuge in there. Assuming these migrants will remain in Washington DC is the error, many of these people will find their way across the nation in search of greener pastures in a nation reeling from inflation, Covid and a tanking socioeconomic model.

The old order is not only unravelling, but it is bound to colonize rich nations ad it dies. Without a future, these desperate huddled masses will continue to flood rich nations. The myopia of hindering the global south will be that it will have no other choice but overtake the future in an army of humanity that will demand its resources and justice en masse.

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