The Canary in the Cave, An International Mandate

Recently, the UN released a report by the outgoing UN Human Rights Chief suggesting there may be human rights abuses in the Chinese Xianjiang Autonomous region against ethnic Uyighurs. The report, like many other Uyighurs-focused nonprofit reports could only provide mostly anecdotal evidence. Serious allegations regarding these minorities from West/Central Asia, would seeem to require more concrete and voluminous data, images, and more to corroborate claims in the West’s second favorite place to stir up tribal/religious tensions apart from Africa,

In this day and age of satellite imaging and precision drone-strikes facilitated by cell phone data and cell tower notifications, it would seem that it should be fairly easy to determine abuse. And abuses that ran counter to China’s general policy toward its population and the Western led worldwide war on terror. A terror that has spread from Central Asia almost worldwide, with cells from ISIS, Al-Queda, Al-Shabab and other groups popping up in the the most unlikely places forcing instability and violence.

The West, led by the US has chosen to tackle the scourge of “Islamic Extremism” through forever wars. Operations and occupations in central Asian states, pre-emptive strikes, covert missions into sovereign nations and most notably, the establishment of the 20 year-old Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility, GTMO, established in 2002. The “Detention facility” accused of human rights abuses, houses citizens from various nations indefinitely for nebulous offences, using dubious methods to illicit confessions.

Ironically, this kind of extremism did not exist before it was introduced by the US itself in the form of Operation Storm-333 against the Soviets during a 10 year long war from 1979-1989. In this way, the US military complex and its Central Intelligence Agency propped up the Mujahideen, an “Islamic” piecemeal group of “freedom fighters” sourced from various world destinations with Muslim populations like the Philippines and Pakistan. It was led, by US CIA trained, Osama Bin Laden, with the US pumping $3 Billion into the effort according to a Woodrow Wilson Centre for Scholars official in a report by Montclair University–yes, the same Bin Laden blamed for the September 11th attack.

This kind of extremism began with Western military and economic aspirations in Afganistan against the former Soviet Union. Hence, these days majority Islamic states have had to seek protection and defence from that unique brand of engineered extremism; evident in France’s nearly 10 year occupation of Mali and other Sahel nations.

The Taliban once named among those who trained with the West now face deadly strikes from the Islamic State themselves, as the deadly 2021 Kabul Airport bombing in August 2022 demonstrated. Ironically, the attack came right after the withdrawal of US occupying forces that same year. It’s frustrating and concerning for sovereign states facing this brand of Western engineered extremism. What are state heads like Beijing and Mogadishu to do to prevent decades of instability?

According to China, measures were taken to improve the lives of the citizens of Xianjiang and guard against this unique brand of extremism. According to the West, crimes against humanity leading to reduced populations haunt Xianjiang. However, China itself has always maintained birth and population control policies across the board with the One-Child Policy in effect for 36 years from 1980 to 2016. Only in recent times has that number been increased to a 3-Child policy.

It’s called a policy, because it is a legal framework from the state designed to control social order. It is a classical Sino-socialist program, in practice for nearly 40 years. It was likely administered to all–including Uyighurs. It only makes sense, such policies were introduced in Xianjiang and may not actually point to a targeted campaign of genocide, most especially if other majority and minority groups had to follow such protocols.

Still, the grappling to find evidence beyond anecdotes and a few testimonies is the stark gymnastics the U.N. must perform to overlook the obvious, videotaped and documented abuses against a large ethnic minority in the United States–African Americans. These descendants of American Chatel slavery have endured years of abuse and violence at the hands of both local and federal authorities and populations. These incursions and abuses have been endured without the intervention of the United Nations.

The Tuskeegee Institute conservatively estimated that 3,446 African Americans were slaughtered during the Jim Crow era of lynchings from 1882-1968. Additionally, despite making up less than 14 percent of the population, African Americans are 5 times more likely to be incarcerated for similar offenses than their Anglo-American counterparts. Pew research determined that Black men were “especially likely to be imprisoned,” with one-in-20 black men imprisoned.

With such a long arm of law, questionable legal jurisdiction continues to increase with US law enforcement seeking extradition of a Nigerian official for alleged crimes in 2022–which was rejected by the Nigeria government according to its own sovereign legal framework.

The consistent economic containment of African Americans has been both systematic and violent. Systematic in that African Americans redlined in the real estate sector lost 52 percent in home value according to a Forbes report and those unable to obtain business, education or other home loans to scale their businesses in commercial sectors bare a palpable loss in profit and affluence.

But it is also violent, conservative estimates record at least 50 genocidal race riots resulted in the death of many and the destruction of African American towns and economic viability, forcing people to flee for their lives. Black towns like Black Wall Street, Rosewood and many others remain enduring symbols of genocide, while medical experiments like the Tuskeegee Experiment (1932-1971) and forced sterilization are among the many documented ethnic cleansing campaigns in US history.

There has not been one committee to review protocol or the deployment of peacekeepers to protect vulnerable populations from egregious abuses, violence and retaliation from law enforcement that terrorize African American locales. The UN’s particular focus on finding evidence of abuses in Xianjiang or against India Dalits and others is mind-boggling, given the obvious mountain of evidence spilling over into the streets under the worldwide chants of “I Can’t Breathe” and “Say Her Name.”

The continued destabilization and the quest to contain rising powers is not a new phenomena or tactic. It is one that has been used on African American populations for years.

The policy of economic strangulation and containment continues even during the post pandemic jobs boom, forcing African American men to have two times the unemployment rate of their Anglo American counterparts. A clear indication of targeted containment. Nearly 20 years ago, a 2004 CSS report indicated that in New York City alone, only 50 percent of African American men were employed. Why? Woke does not equal broke–in the Western contexts, persecuted and contained equals broke with some of the most econonically inpoverished emerging from Western efforts of containment. And that containment and persecution is filling a wider radius each year, drawing key international economies into the crosshairs.

In 2016 Smartphone maker, Huawei saw a 33 percent increase in profit, the following year after new US/Western restrictions on Sino-tech companies, net profit reached only 4 percent. Huawei made $44.7 billion profit in 2022, with a profit margin of just 5 percent, Xinhua News agency reports.

Again, previously, Iran was the most sanctioned state by the West, starting with restrictions for its nuclear program in 1979, until recently when the collective West determined to make an example of Russia’s bid for sovereignty and regional integrity through a proxy war. Iran, much like Afghanistan’s forever war has faced never-ending sanctions for 43 years! In 2029 it will be nearly half a century of sanctions, while the world has passively watched.

The net is widening.

The fact is, African Americans are the canaries in the cave, a warning for all on how their future can play out without palpable international institutional change and confronting obvious abuses.

Similarly, the US War on Drugs, much like the global phenomena of the War on Terror actually turned out to be a war on African American civilians and Latin American farmers and populations. According to 2022 Califirnia Boarder Patrol stats, the floods of southern border immigrants fleeing from instability and violence reached 200,000 per month. This year alone, border agents report detaining nearly 2 million souls in 2022 in the wake of a half century forever-war on drugs begun in 1971 by the Nixon administration. The War On Drugs pumped billions of dollars in military grade weapons, military aid and interventions into struggling Latin American economies resulting in the massacre of thousands. But the war did not eliminate the scourge of illegal drugs nor its impact in the US.

In fact, during the pandemic, drug overdoses increased by 31 percent from 2019-2020 with synthetic opioids making up nearly 75 percent of deaths, CDC numbers indicate. According to that same report, even Methamphetamine overdoses are increasing and local authorities have begun decriminalizing small possessions in an effort to address the crisis. Even as the concept of drug abuse as a health issue and not a criminal offense continues to take ground, the US has spent $1 trillion USD on that War On Drugs according to a CNBC report.

These wars on the prosperity and problems of vulnerable populations go unchecked by international convening bodies, in favor of more nebulous accusations that are impossible to prove. Even beyond peacekeeping forces, the United Nations has not once deployed international observers to monitor hot spots of extrajudicial abuses in predominantly African American cities like DC, Chicago, Jackson Mississipi, Flint Michigan, etc? The dereliction of duty for many international bodies in these crimes against humanity only continue to grow and become more obvious in their lust to find evidence to support claims by Western led and funded Uyighur organizations.

International observers could help to ensure that banks and other institutions were not acting against African American applicants and consumers. Observers could request overviews of documents, local conditions and facilities (like observers during election) to determine adequate appropriations for these vulnerable populations and ensure that the disenfranchised are protected from retaliatory measures taken against those who reported persecution.

Unfortunately, many of these bodies have demonstrated a level of indifference to some of the most egregious crimes of the century in lieu if hunting down phantom abuses that in theory should be easier to prove. And at the very least the lack of video evidence and footage in the age of smartphones and social media is staggeringly absent.

If the U.N. and other international organs wish to maintain its legitimacy, it will need to put first things first. If there is palpable evidence of human rights abuses and crimes against humanity available on the brutality African Americans face, they must handle that first. If there are statistics and reports on wealth inequality and policies that contain African American economic growth, they must rectify that first. Is there a pattern of the UNHRC and other bodies overlooking and ignoring abuses and genocide against certain groups despite viable evidence, while chasing phantom infractions that cannot be proven?

While the U.N., the World Criminal Court and others maintain that they are international organizations, there is a question over how internationally they truly work to administer outcomes? How are all participant nations served? How are populations truly safeguarded in instances if obvious abuse–not merely conjecture or anecdote. Where exactly is the U.N. mandate for the Abu Ghraib facility or GITMO?

While we watch the world change before our eyes, we must realize that the old order was scarcely functioning for the majority of participant nations. If such bodies cannot be entrusted and tasked to rectify the obvious abuses, how can we expect it’s facility in determining more opaque claims? The entrenched, inequity in the U.N. and various international organizations must be addressed. Without this mandate, they are merely a club for the impotent.

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